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October, 2012 Vietnamese Cuisine in New Orleans

February, 2015 Latino Cuisine in New Orleans

Spring, 2015 3-Minute Vignettes for Steppin' Out

Film Misc:

August, 2014: Promo video for New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation:

Pelican Publishing Company:

January, 2014: Vietnamese Cuisine in New Orleans

The New Orleans Advocate (just a few):

May 2016: New Orleans pastry chef is boosting the temptation by thinking small

May 2016: Doctors say no need to stop jogging when baby’s on the way

April 2016: New Orleans chef Kevin Belton explores Creole cuisine in new WYES series

April 2016: Specialty coffee scene grows in New Orleans

March 2016: St. Patrick's Day events in New Orleans

January 2016: Old family recipe from Louisiana cane country earns cult following among New Orleans chefs

December 2015: Ethnic soups of New Orleans

December 2015: New Orleans Sugar Plum Fairy of 1957 recalls performance

November 2015: WTIX-FM hosts live Oldies show

October 2015: Southern-style brunches in New Orleans

September 2015: Steamboat Stomp Showcases New Orleans-style Jazz

August 2015: A Local Soccer Team's Katrina Story

August 2015: Where to Dine during White Linen Night

June 2015: Creole Tomato Festival

June 2015: The Columns Hotel Celebrates 100th Anniversary

May 2015: Downtown Living is on the Rise

May 2015: The Greek Grocery

March 2015: India Fest

December 2015: Creativity of Celebration in the Oaks

July 2014: Is gourmet cocktail ice all it's cracked up to be?

July 2014: Cooking demos feature a Latin flair

May 2014: New Orleans Jazz Fest features Brazil

April 2014: The arts & crafts of Jazz Fest, Part 1

March 2014: New Orleans' top foodtrucks come together for a cook-off


May 2016: The latest trends in nuptial fare are all about having fun

May 2016: How to grow a succulent garden

December 2015: Coauthors release new weight loss book, The Struggle is Real

November 2015: Profile of the Lucy Rose Boutique


April 2014: A California vibe in Salento, Colombia

March 2014: What I learned while teaching in India


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